With just a little creativity, you can turn a sun scorched rooftop into a true urban oasis. No digging, cutting, scraping or other heavy construction required!


This new Seattle home was built to capture 100% of all of the rainwater that falls on the property. Instead of channeling water away to the street and into the local waterways, these permeable pavers allow water/pollution to penetrate through them and back into the groundwater. Construction like this can significantly reduce a homes ecological footprint. 

Salkinmorris driveway a.jpg

The focus for this project was on creating multiple patio destinations around the perimeter of the clients back yard. We decided to use a mix of concrete pavers for the patios and natural bluestone flagstone for the transitions. A seat wall was used as a visual tool to vertically highlight one of the patios from the house, thus drawing ones attention out past the lawn and giving the garden depth and a more welcoming feel.


Installed by Classic Nursery

 This contemporary patio space was
drafted with the goal of a making a small space feel as large as possible. I accomplished this by lifting the garden beds off the ground and placing a bench in between, this added a second layer of depth and a nice central focal point to the small patio. 

Higgins planter.jpg