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 This back patio includes a covered wood fire pizza kitchen and bar. These clients now have a beautiful contemporary space to make lasting memories and gourmet pizza with friends and family!


This patio space was planted entirely with sun loving drought tolerant plants. Allowing the owners to enjoy a beautiful lush garden while also significantly helping to reduce the homes water usage. Many of the plants seen here actually appreciate  arid/dry soil conditions. It is all about choosing the right the plant for the right location!


The focus for this project was on creating multiple patio destinations around the perimeter of the clients back yard. We decided to use a mix of concrete pavers for the patios and natural bluestone flagstone for the transitions. A seat wall was used as a visual tool to vertically highlight one of the patios from the house, thus drawing ones attention out past the lawn and giving the garden depth and a more welcoming feel.


Installed by Classic Nursery

With just a little creativity, you can turn a sun scorched rooftop into a true urban oasis. No digging, cutting, scraping or other heavy construction required!

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